3D Ethics: Implementing Workplace Values

Three Dimensional Ethics

* personal * corporate * social *
implementing workplace values

by Attracta Lagan and Brian Moran
ISBN13 978-0-9757422-3-5 / viii + 176 pages / softcover / February 2006

You have in your hands an important tool for raising ethics awareness and new organisational standards to meet rapidly mutating social requirements.
John Elkington
(Author: Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business)

It is only right that we should look to business to reflect all that we, as individual citizens, want to be proud of in our society.This book can help business achieve that.
Graeme Wise,MD
(Founder: The Body Shop Australia)

Ethics is not just about morality; it is a complex dimension of personal and corporate life that can lead to higher performance by both business and society. Customers, employees and business partners seek predictable corporate behaviour that is aligned with stated personal, workplace and democratic values. Ethics training can help to achieve this.

This business ethics primer is a valuable tool for raising ethical awareness in your organisation. Reflecting on employees' personal values and world views, it then examines their impact on the development and application of your organisation's mission, vision and values and finally, your organisation's impact on the societies and environment in which it operates. Three Dimensional Ethics concludes with a unique chapter on ethics and doing business in China, illuminating roles in corporate stakeholder responsibility that align with principles in the Confucian Analects.

Lagan and Moran provide a practical perspective on business ethics training that is lively, relevant and useful with insights into managing corporate values such as:

  • Ethical frameworks
  • Ladder of escalation options
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Ethical decision making models
  • Ethics audits
  • Codes of ethics & Codes of conduct
  • Vision & values models
  • Stakeholder commitment steps
  • Governance checklists
  • Addressing values gaps
  • Knowing your values
  • The four virtues
  • Stages of moral development
  • Reflection and action

Training tools include Australian and global case studies, definitions, tips, snapshots of ethical approaches, models, quotes, checklists, discussion panels, workshops, scenarios and exercises.

Attracta Lagan and Brian Moran are well known seminar presenters and facilitators.

The authors outline how the three dimensions of ethics - personal, organisational and societal - can be aligned to not only foster a coherent and healthy personal identity, but also ensure that what is good for business is also good for society.
Catherine Fox
(The Australian Financial Review, Boss
7/1:101 - January 2006)
Listed in AFR's101 Top Books Boss January 2006

Corporate Ethics Case Materials on Monopoly Power

No Woolies in Maleny: The Struggle for Community Empowerment*

Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price

Tescopoly: Every little hurts

*DVD available free to lecturers prescribing 'Corporate Sustainability', '3D Ethics: Implementing Workplace Values', 'Workplace Health' and 'Managing Emotions and Conflict in the Workplace' as course readers.

3D Ethics: Implementing Workplace Values

Listed in AFR's
101 Top Books
Boss January 2006

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